The Basics of Kitten Play

If you have ever thought that Garfield had such a wonderful life and that you’d be so much happier as a cat, now it is your time. More and more couples across the globe are enjoying pet play, and kitten play is a unique subculture of BDSM. If you want to learn more about how to become a kitty, we will try to cover everything and answer all of your questions.

Pet Play as Dominance/Submission

Dominance and submission is a part of BDSM, and pet play is just one of the categories of Dom/Sub relationships. As with any such relationship, pet play also has an owner-master system, where the submissive person will act as a pet. When it comes to animals, any animal can be involved in pet play. The submissive person can take the role of dog, bunny, cat, or any other animal they see fit.

Common kinks in this unique subculture also involve collars, leashes, and other appropriate things for a “human pet.” Unlike in the regular Dom/Sub subculture, here, the submissive person is not in the role of a slave — they will act as a pet. However, the idea is to act in a way the animal would. Therefore, the pet may go over boundaries that will require “punishment.”

Is Kitten Play Bestiality?

Contrary to popular belief, kitten play has nothing to do with bestiality. The main idea behind pet play is power exchange. Although the relationships are about dominance and submission, they have nothing to do with bestiality. While people still have some animal traits, that’s not the main focus of the relationship.

If you ever had a pet, you know how animals are dependent on their owners. They require us to take them for a walk, feed them, train, and everything else. And this is what kitten play is about. In essence, it is still an owner/owned relationship, the main focus being on power play and submission.

Kitten Play Does Not Require Sex

What is interesting in kitten play is that it doesn’t require sex to be enjoyable. Similarly to how many love bondage and rope play. Bondage doesn’t need to involve sex, and many get the thrill from being restrained or immobile. Kitten play works the same way. People enjoy this unique lifestyle, and its focus is on the exchange of power instead of penetration.

A submissive person enjoys his status, and it doesn’t have to revolve around sex. They will get the opportunity to play the role of a cat and do whatever kittens love to do. That can involve petting, cuddling, sitting in a cardboard box, sleeping, playing with ping pong balls, and everything else you can see on numerous cat videos online.

Kitten Play Costume and Accessories

Since genetically engineered catgirls are not yet available, you will need some kind of costume if you want to be a part of the kitten play. We should mention that you won’t need to get a full cat costume. Usually, accessories are more than enough. So, let’s go through some of the most common things you can get for yourself that will help you become a kitten.

One of the most obvious accessories you should get is cat ears. Fortunately, these aren’t hard to find, and they come in all shapes and sizes. You can get headphones with cat ears, headbands, hair clips, hats, and so on.

The next thing on the list would probably be the tail, and there are two ways to go around this. The first one is to attach the tail to your clothes or underwear. In this case, you will need to get a replica of the cattail. But for those who are into the sexual part of the relationship as well, butt plug tails might be the best option. Anal tails work the same way as any other anal plug. Except that there is a tail at the base of the toy. Today, there is a vast choice of different “animal” tails, but you should look for one resembling a kitty’s tail. Here is to have a better look of what cat tail plugs look like.

Other things you can get are collars, and you can find appropriate clothes like cat socks. However, there is no need to go for a full cat costume (unless you want to). The main focus should be behavior and power play.

Cat Tail Butt Plug Description

There are two parts important for cattail plugs. The first one is rather similar to the regular butt plug. While it may vary, it usually has the same design as the most common plugs with a flared base and pointy top. Naturally, the design may vary slightly, but the main focus is on the second part of the plug, which is the tail.

Tails are designed to look like cats’ tails, and they come in many different colors. Usually, cattails are flexible but less fluffy compared to fox’s tails.

These plugs are usually made of metal, but you can easily find ones made of silicone as well. It is important to find any non-porous material, and most cat plugs online are made using those

The tail, on the other hand, is usually made from synthetic fur, and the length can vary as well. Some models come with a bell, so it would be easier for the owner to keep track of their feline pets.


As that song says: “Everybody wants to be a cat.” If you ever felt like being a cat would be the best thing in the universe, you should probably try kitten play. This unique subculture is a part of the BDSM, and it revolves around dominance and submission.

Now, many make a mistake believing that it has something to do with bestiality. No — the main aspect of this subculture is actually power play. The submissive person can find accessories like kitten ears, and they will act and behave as a cat would. Needless to say, the dominant person will take the role of an owner, and they will take care of their feline friend.

Kitten play can be sexual as well, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s up to you to decide what kind of cat you want to be and finally experience that amazing cat life.