I chose to photograph human emotions because I have always been fascinated by them. When I see my works, I cannot help but be inspired even more. I am convinced that there is more than sadness, anger, and happiness. It is always great to capture these emotions because they may not happen again, that is why I take advantage of every chance that I get to photograph these emotions.

Before focusing on emotion photography, I used to shoot for a magazine. I work hard to make sure the models are comfortable because it is the only way that they can give me a great emotion that I want them to express. It is what makes my photos so great. After 5 years of working for a magazine, I decided to open my own photography services to focus on the subject that I love the most – emotions.

I launched this website to share my experiences as an emotion photographer. I share articles, tips, and guides that are inspired by my daily encounter with different people during my shoot. I work with a couple of writers and photographers who maintain this website and ensure that you get great content regularly.